You’re Thinking Of Moving To Mexico

This is reposted from our other website. The Election is over So You’re Are Thinking Of Moving To Mexico. That can be great if you have a plan and know what awaits you when you get here. It can be very stressful if you arrive without a plan and no real idea how or what to do once your here.

Moving To Mexico

It can be a much less stressful lifestyle

If Mexico is among your options, then the Puerto Vallarta area of Jalisco is perhaps one of the nicer areas along the coast but you should know that it can have it’s challenges until you have lived here and know your way around well.

My wife has written a great book, filled with information on retirement life here. It covers buying property, driving in Mexico where buses and taxes feel they own the road, where the churches are located. The addresses of government offices you might need to know and much much more.

A lot of the information in the book applies to all areas of Mexico and can be used as a general guideline on your new adventure. Some of it is about Puerto Vallarta and the 30 or so miles of coastline in the area.

It is on sale for the next few days but it is never more that $3.99 How TO Retire To Puerto Vallarta, Mexico On A Limited Budget

If You’re Thinking Of Moving To Mexico you want to do a little research about the country ahead of the move. It is always a good idea to visit an area and live there for about six months before making the big move. This book is a good starting point for that research.

My wife and I spent years coming here on our vacations before we made up our minds to move. Two years ago we made the move and live here full time now. There are about half a million people from the United States and Canada that live here full time and about half that many again that live here from three to six months a year, so you can get by even if you do not speak Spanish.

So If you’re thinking of Moving to Mexico, grab the book, read it and come on down for a visit before all the good properties are bought up and the peso still has a great exchange rate.

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bon provecho

Maria and Bill

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