Visiting Wisconsin Again

Visiting Wisconsin AgainWe are visiting Wisconsin Again and just finishing a very frigid week here in Wisconsin and winter hasn’t even officially arrived yet. It has been very cold and snowy but oh-so-beautiful just the same. It reminded us of how much we enjoy Mexico even with it’s hot weather.

We are visiting Wisconsin for a week and we are snowed in. We got up this morning to find the car covered with show, the sidewalk and driveway about a half foot deep with snow and no snow shovel. That has all the making of a long day. Lucky for us there is family about 30 miles from here that will bring a shovel and dig us out.

I wrote the above yesterday. Today we actually returned home to Mexico. Although both flights were a bit bumpy it was great to get home.

Two things stood out on the trip.

First, have you ever noticed the little boxes at McDonald’s requesting your change for the Ronald McDonald house? Well I ask that if you can spare the change please put it in that box. I had no idea of the good they do. One of our grand-daughters has been in Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee for 4 of the 5 months of her life. All during that time, The Ronald McDonald House has given an apartment to our daughter and her husband so they can stay next door to the hospital and be with their daughter almost around the clock. At night (every night except Fridays) volunteers come to the Ronald McDonald house and cook dinner for the many families that live there. Every so many apartments share a kitchen and in Milwaukee it is a five story structure right next to the Children’s Hospital.

The Second reason was on a happy note. We got to stop in Nebraska and visit with Amy Young Miller and her family. We really enjoyed our time there. The reason I am sharing this with you is because if you visit Amy’s blog right now, she has a great giveaway going with some very cool prizes that you could win. And you can discover all kind of neat things, like how to bake wonderful bread, how to make bullet proof coffee and how to plant a whole foods garden. Visit her at: and follow the instructions at the end of the article and perhaps you will be one of the lucky ones that win one of these items.

That is about all I have for you today, We will be Visiting Wisconsin Again in the spring. So have a wonderful holiday season.

bon provecho

Maria and Bill


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6 Responses to Visiting Wisconsin Again

  1. Susan Landry says:

    Living in Minnesota, and being in the clutches of a polar vortex… I’ll admit I am jealous seeing your sunny, palm tree pictures. Warm sounds nice–enjoy it for the rest of us!

    • William Chaney says:

      After 25 years of getting the snow that Canada didn’t want, dumped on us
      in Wisconsin, we made the move..It is much better on these old bones to
      turn on an air conditioner than it is to shovel snow…

  2. Bill,
    It was awesome to spend a little time with you and your lovely bride. What a nice thing to finally meet! Remember in your future comings-and-goings that you always have a B&B here in Nebraska! Enjoy the sunshine down there for us!

    • William Chaney says:

      We will keep that offer in mind. The next trip will be in the warmer weather.
      Maria does not want to return to Wisconsin any time soon. It was way to cold
      for her. Perhaps in late spring. If we drive, we will make it a point to stop
      for a visit….

  3. It was great to have you both here Chef! We had a great time. Thanks for accommodating our crazy schedule.

    • William Chaney says:

      We really enjoyed the visit as well. I got the book How we Got the Bible by Neil Lightfoot. I am reading a little each day. There is so much that I had no clue about. Now I wish I have gotten The Cannon of Scripture but that will need to wait until the next trip..And yes there are books by R.C. Sproll but they were not in stock while I was there.Manage the snow and I’ll keep a handle on the sunshine over the next few months.

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