On The Road Again

On The Road again, yes my friends we are on the road again….now where have I heard that before. I wrote that above line last Sunday as we prepared to head for Wisconsin to visit our family and do a little shopping.

On The Road Again

We were planning on heading out this week, spending 5 days driving north, making a surprise visit to a friend that lives and farms in Nebraska. I have known her and her family on line for years but we have never met in person so the plan was to stop there for a day on our way north.

The biggest “concern” of these trips has always be the section from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to Eagle Pass, Texas. You need to plan your days so that you only drive on tollways and during the daylight hours. That means that you need to be aware that there is a military checkpoint that can take from 10 minutes to 2 hours to pass through.

Now that the election in the States is over and we see and read about all the unrest up north we have decided to postpone the trip until December in hopes that things will have cooled down. This will change everything as it will be colder, with possible ice or snow on some areas. It will mean no side trip to Nebraska, and we will need to shorten our trip and miss spending any of the holidays with family.

We  look at the news and think “How Sad”. A few years ago we would see this in countries like Egypt, China or maybe Venezuela but I never pictured it happening in the United States. Welcome to our years of discontent…..

Everyone needs to take a look at what is happening in the very first week after Trump got elected. He is already put the building of a wall on the back burner, He has already said he wants to keep “some” of Obamacare. He has surrounded himself with a lot of the “Old School” republicans that have held power in the past. It looks like he is joining the system he promised to tear down…..As a Nation, we need to “wait and see”, Like any other president in the past, he must protect the elections that will take place in the next two years so that he does not loose his power base….

Making our country great again can only happen if we don’t burn it down before we start to rebuild…..I want to be On the Road again without worry that there are mobs going crazy on the streets of the cities of the country……We’re packed, gas in the car and ready to go,  we have family waiting……….

bon provecho

Maria and Bill

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