Mexico’s Low Season

Mexico's low seasonI believe that I have mentioned Mexico’s Low Season in the past. In case you missed it, there are two seasons in this part of Mexico (Puerto Vallarta), The High season and the low season. The high season is when the afternoon weather is in the mid to upper 70’s, pushing into the low 80’s from time to time. It is very dry so the rivers fry up and if you have plants they need watering daily. The stores and restaurants are filled with visitors from around the world and the beaches are crowded.

Then there is Mexico’s Low Season. The temperatures hang Mexico's low seasonbetween the high 80’s and the low 90’s. The Humidity is in the 80’s and the UV index goes from moderate to very high a few times a week. By late afternoon or early evening, the thunder storms move in. Sometimes they only last an hour or two but in that short time, the main roads in the downtown area of Vallarta will look like rivers with 3 or 4 inches of rain rushing towards the ocean. Those are things that will never be fixed and so you learn to live with it. You find a different route home should you get caught in a storm and you watch the weather closely so try and avoid getting caught.

We have been very busy here on our little farmette. We have Mexico's low seasonover 100 chickens so we will be culling out the extra roosters this next week. In the meantime, I must find room in the freezer for a few of them. Everyone mentions “free rage chickens” they seem to forget that the roosters are living in the same area. Farmers have been doing this for as long as there have been farms. If you leave the roosters to multiply they fight among themselves, disrupting life in the hen house and cause other problems. In the beginning some might be reluntent to eat the roosters. They need to remember Thanksgiving when they go shopping for a turkey. There is a lot of Tom Turkeys mixed in the the hens. Guess who the Tom Turkeys are…..would the name Turkey roosters come to mind….yap. that’s about it.

We also have been doing a lot of harvesting of star fruit, making juice with them. Then there is the Fresh coconut

Mexico's low season

Carambola Fruit is known as Starfruit up north. This is from our trees

water because we harvested our coconuts last week. We got about 40, I don’t remember the actual count because the pay for the young man that climes the tree is 10% of the harvest. The great thing about the coconuts is that we harvest about that many every six months and there is no work involved to raise them once the tree is planted.  We are also enjoying the fresh papaya this time of year although we only have half as many trees as we had last year, we are still getting about two ripe papayas per week.

Life in retirement is as busy as life was before retirement but you do a lot of projects that you really enjoy. At the moment I am making myself a walking stick. My wife wants me to use it when I walk because there are so many chances to trip and fall on the roads here. She wants me to have a walking stick so I will. If you can picture Moses just before parting the water to cross the red sea you can get an idea as to the size. My walking stick is about 7 feet tall. I am adding a leather grip this week and will add a couple of nice polished stones at the top. I also think I will carve my name on it. I brought my wood carving tools when we came to Mexico so that will be no problem.

I am also working on my websites with a webmaster to convert them to https: from http: as you might notice at the top of the page. It is a requirement that is going to be inforced by Google starting in a couple of months. If you don’t have the SSL certificate, Google and Chrome will block your site or make it very hard for others to find you. The SSL certificate is a very good thing because it locks your site making it safe to buy and sell on. However, there are those that will charge an arm and a leg to get an SSL certificate for you but you can get them for free if you look around. The trick is to have a “tech” person to do the installing because it does require a few steps that seem a bit complicated.

I have some nice recipes to share with you and will try to get them posted a little more often. It is not that I forget you, my friends, it is just that there is so much going on on our farm at the moment that it is hard to find time to write.

Did I mention that we got a baby pig a couple of months Mexico's low seasonago, that is another story I will share at another time. For now, I have been called to the hen house to see our 10 new baby chicks.

bon provecho

Maria and Bill


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Don’t Grow Old

Don't Grow OldDon’t Grow Old, It is ok to age but altogether a different story if we allow ourselves to grow old. Today I have been thinking about aging and how it affects each of us differently. Do you remember “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” That’s from George Bernard Shaw, Irish dramatist, and what a quote it is! I like it because it has a Ying Yang balanced feel to it, and it very concisely makes a point that prods an emotional response.

It prods and stirs at an emotion we get when we think back to the old days, the days of our youth, the days when we could play with abandon. The days when we could play without inhibition, the days when we could play unburdened by responsibility. Back when I was Superman, I was bullet proof,  and I could do anything, even save the world….The days when we could just play.

Now, we’ve grown older, so playing is not on the agenda. We have responsibilities, so we have to be serious and focus, we have to be sensible, we have to be ‘grown up’.

Really? Do we? Why?

Most people, clearly not everyone, but most people, don’t ask the ‘why’ question, they just accept it as just the way life is. It really doesn’t have to be like that though, there are other ways…

You might be thinking ‘Hang on! Hang on a minute! Are you suggesting that we should

Don't Grow Old

A little spot on the river where we can go and splash water on each other and just spend time together

just forget responsibility and go and play on the swings?’  No, I’m certainly not suggesting an abandonment of responsibility! However, playing on the swings is fun at any age. What I am saying, is that if we take that idea of responsibility, and turn it back onto ourselves, don’t we have a responsibility to allow ourselves to play? Don’t we owe it to ourselves to not only allow it but actively schedule time slots specifically for playing?

Oh yes! We do owe it to ourselves!
When we play, it’s a great way to tap into our real selves, to get away from the things that bother us, and if that means we mentally take ourselves back to childhood for a while, that’s no bad thing!

It allows us to refocus, to re-energise, to remind ourselves of what our real passions are, what makes us feel alive, and of course to look at Shaw’s words again, it helps to stop us growing old! (or at least stop growing old before our time!)

One theory in the self-improvement field is that when we play because we are tapping so much into our ’real’ selves, that we should use this as a process – once we reignite that feeling, and acknowledge it, we should then work out how we can make a living doing it!

That can be a revelation.

Don't Grpw Old

My wife loves her chickens, to me it looks like work

Of course, a counter-argument to that is that as soon as we start making our pleasures into our work, then we ruin the pleasure because the trials and tribulations that come with any career will make us turn away from the original passion.

Hmm, I don’t agree.

I do agree that the trials and tribulations will come because to say otherwise would be fantasy. Oh yes, they come!

Here’s the thing – those trials and tribulations will come *whatever* we do! If that’s the case then, why not choose to face them on a path of our choosing, because if we do that, then deep down we will always know that we didn’t stop playing, that we are in line with our passions.

It makes a huge difference, it can transform a life from one where the idea of playing has been stored away in a box marked ‘youth’ to a life where the idea of playing is front and center!

Of course, the idea of playing doesn’t have to be as grand as a fully fledged career, it could

Don"t Grow Old

We also enjoy the ocean, my wife is the one in the middle

just be a case of doing more of what we enjoy as hobbies. Think of what you enjoy doing, that makes you smile, whether that’s a walk in the park, or going swimming.

If it’s been too long since you last did it, get out your schedule, and create a time slot for it! Then schedule another time slot and another. The feelgood factor it creates is not just nostalgia, there is brain science behind it, to do with the chemical reactions triggered in our brain and the health benefits that brings along.

A more in-depth look at that brain science is for another time, but suffice to say – it’s good for us!

Don’t Grow Old. Get used to allowing yourself to play, whatever that means to you. It’s not something we should stop simply because we’re not children anymore- I’d agree George Bernard Shaw,  “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing”

bon provecho

Maria and Bill

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The House We Never Built

The House We Never Built

Living the Dream

It has been a while but here is an update about The House We Never Built. As many of you know the plan was to build a house on the farm we own, over on the Playa Grande river just outside of Puerto Vallarta. Well, those plans have changed over the past 4 or 5 months. We have decided to continue to farm that land. I am listing a few of the reasons in this article because the blog is about Our Life In Mexico.

One of the things I have noticed is that there are two types of people that retire to Mexico. Continue reading

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Happy New Year From Mexico

Happy New Year From MexicoIt’s that time again, another year has slipped by and it’s time to wish everyone a Happy New Year From Mexico. It seems like the years are “slipping by” faster and faster, even though we did get that extra day in February.

We were up ALL NIGHT last night because the house across the street had a party going until 5:30 this morning. A party here in Mexico is in the street. They put a car at both ends of the block and party as long as they wish. No permit is needed and these is no such thing as noise control. They rocked the neighborhood. Sleep was not an option for us. Needless to say, we had a hard time keeping awake in church this morning. The problem is that they only sleep a couple of hours and then the party starts all over again. There will be a lot of sick calls at work tomorrow.

We are starting a Whole Foods Weight Loss Challenge tomorrow over on our other blog and would love to have everyone join us.  It is for the month of January.

The object is that by eating whole foods and stop eating all the processed foods, sodas, and fast foods, your body will start to adjust your weight to it’s proper set point. It is a little slower than some of those “diets” because this is a lifestyle adjustment, but you will be much healthier over time.

You can sign up for the newsletter on that blog and you will automatically receive the blog posts for the challenge.

We do wish you a very Happy New Year From Mexico…..we don’t foresee traveling North anytime soon. Based on the weather reports we are getting this is the place to be at this time of year.

bon provecho

Maria and Bill

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Visiting Wisconsin Again

Visiting Wisconsin AgainWe are visiting Wisconsin Again and just finishing a very frigid week here in Wisconsin and winter hasn’t even officially arrived yet. It has been very cold and snowy but oh-so-beautiful just the same. It reminded us of how much we enjoy Mexico even with it’s hot weather.

We are visiting Wisconsin for a week and we are snowed in. We got up this morning to find the car covered with show, the sidewalk and driveway about a half foot deep with snow and no snow shovel. That has all the making of a long day. Lucky for us there is family about 30 miles from here that will bring a shovel and dig us out.

I wrote the above yesterday. Today we actually returned home to Mexico. Although both flights were a bit bumpy it was great to get home.

Two things stood out on the trip.

First, have you ever noticed the little boxes at McDonald’s requesting your change for the Ronald McDonald house? Well I ask that if you can spare the change please put it in that box. I had no idea of the good they do. One of our grand-daughters has been in Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee for 4 of the 5 months of her life. All during that time, The Ronald McDonald House has given an apartment to our daughter and her husband so they can stay next door to the hospital and be with their daughter almost around the clock. At night (every night except Fridays) volunteers come to the Ronald McDonald house and cook dinner for the many families that live there. Every so many apartments share a kitchen and in Milwaukee it is a five story structure right next to the Children’s Hospital.

The Second reason was on a happy note. We got to stop in Nebraska and visit with Amy Young Miller and her family. We really enjoyed our time there. The reason I am sharing this with you is because if you visit Amy’s blog right now, she has a great giveaway going with some very cool prizes that you could win. And you can discover all kind of neat things, like how to bake wonderful bread, how to make bullet proof coffee and how to plant a whole foods garden. Visit her at: and follow the instructions at the end of the article and perhaps you will be one of the lucky ones that win one of these items.

That is about all I have for you today, We will be Visiting Wisconsin Again in the spring. So have a wonderful holiday season.

bon provecho

Maria and Bill


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Eating Fish In Mexico

This past Sunday we were Eating Fish In Mexico as a way to relax before a lot of travel that starts on Thanksgiving day and continues thru December 13th. We have this one restaurant right in front of the ocean that we like to visit often. The trip there is interesting as well. You go a few miles down an unpaved, bumpy road and along the way you stop to see………..well in a minute I’ll show you what we stop to see.

Eating Fish In Mexico

Fried Fish Mexico Style

You actually go into the kitchen, pick your fish and they sell it by the kilo and cook it to order.

Eating Fish In Mexico

appetizers include sliced veggies and guacamole

Of course the ocean is the reason to drive 5 miles from the house. The tables are sitting in the sand. The view is of our Puerto Vallarta.

Eating Fish In Mexico

Vallarta is only a couple of miles away but it is hard to see from this spot.

Looking in the other direction is just as nice. We are actually about two miles from the airport so we watch as vacations end and planes full of people start to return to their world.

Eating Fish In Mexico

looking the other way

You can get beer, soda and of course fresh coconuts to enjoy with your meal.

Eating Fish In Mexico

Oh ya, before I forget, as if I could, I want to share a couple of pictures of a spot we stop at on the way to the restaurant.

Wating Fish In Mexico

look closely and you’ll see them

Eating Fish in Mexico

Anyone need a pair of boots?

bon provecho

Maria and Bill

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You’re Thinking Of Moving To Mexico

This is reposted from our other website. The Election is over So You’re Are Thinking Of Moving To Mexico. That can be great if you have a plan and know what awaits you when you get here. It can be very stressful if you arrive without a plan and no real idea how or what to do once your here.

Moving To Mexico

It can be a much less stressful lifestyle

If Mexico is among your options, then the Puerto Vallarta area of Jalisco is perhaps one of the nicer areas along the coast but you should know that it can have it’s challenges until you have lived here and know your way around well.

My wife has written a great book, filled with information on retirement life here. It covers buying property, driving in Mexico where buses and taxes feel they own the road, where the churches are located. The addresses of government offices you might need to know and much much more.

A lot of the information in the book applies to all areas of Mexico and can be used as a general guideline on your new adventure. Some of it is about Puerto Vallarta and the 30 or so miles of coastline in the area.

It is on sale for the next few days but it is never more that $3.99 How TO Retire To Puerto Vallarta, Mexico On A Limited Budget

If You’re Thinking Of Moving To Mexico you want to do a little research about the country ahead of the move. It is always a good idea to visit an area and live there for about six months before making the big move. This book is a good starting point for that research.

My wife and I spent years coming here on our vacations before we made up our minds to move. Two years ago we made the move and live here full time now. There are about half a million people from the United States and Canada that live here full time and about half that many again that live here from three to six months a year, so you can get by even if you do not speak Spanish.

So If you’re thinking of Moving to Mexico, grab the book, read it and come on down for a visit before all the good properties are bought up and the peso still has a great exchange rate.

Your are invited to take a moment and sigh up for our newsletter. You will get extra recipes and diet tips once you are signed up. And just for signing up you will receive a free copy of The Dark Side of Sugar and Wheat. The form is at the top right of this page. I’m looking forward to you joining us on our journey.

bon provecho

Maria and Bill

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On The Road Again

On The Road again, yes my friends we are on the road again….now where have I heard that before. I wrote that above line last Sunday as we prepared to head for Wisconsin to visit our family and do a little shopping.

On The Road Again

We were planning on heading out this week, spending 5 days driving north, making a surprise visit to a friend that lives and farms in Nebraska. I have known her and her family on line for years but we have never met in person so the plan was to stop there for a day on our way north.

The biggest “concern” of these trips has always be the section from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to Eagle Pass, Texas. You need to plan your days so that you only drive on tollways and during the daylight hours. That means that you need to be aware that there is a military checkpoint that can take from 10 minutes to 2 hours to pass through.

Now that the election in the States is over and we see and read about all the unrest up north we have decided to postpone the trip until December in hopes that things will have cooled down. This will change everything as it will be colder, with possible ice or snow on some areas. It will mean no side trip to Nebraska, and we will need to shorten our trip and miss spending any of the holidays with family.

We  look at the news and think “How Sad”. A few years ago we would see this in countries like Egypt, China or maybe Venezuela but I never pictured it happening in the United States. Welcome to our years of discontent…..

Everyone needs to take a look at what is happening in the very first week after Trump got elected. He is already put the building of a wall on the back burner, He has already said he wants to keep “some” of Obamacare. He has surrounded himself with a lot of the “Old School” republicans that have held power in the past. It looks like he is joining the system he promised to tear down…..As a Nation, we need to “wait and see”, Like any other president in the past, he must protect the elections that will take place in the next two years so that he does not loose his power base….

Making our country great again can only happen if we don’t burn it down before we start to rebuild…..I want to be On the Road again without worry that there are mobs going crazy on the streets of the cities of the country……We’re packed, gas in the car and ready to go,  we have family waiting……….

bon provecho

Maria and Bill

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Building A House In Mexico Continues

Building a House in Mexico Continues with a couple of very important steps that you must take before you can actually start building. Once you have decided to build and have the property, all these steps seem to take forever, but you will be happy you did them later on as the project continues.

Building a house in Mexico continues

Our “Green Acres”

Mexico might not be up to date with other countries on a lot of things but they are good in many of them. One example is how the edge of a road or highway is not where the government property actually ends.

In Wisconsin, there are 12 feet on both sides of the road where our house is. Of course, I and my neighbors all have planted lawns on about 10 of those feet making our property look much larger than it is. The county likes it because we are maintaining their property at no cost to them.

The same laws apply in Mexico. Which means that before you build, you have the land surveyed and find out just where your property line is. We have been waiting for the survey guy to show up and do his thing. But this week he met us there and marked off all the property lines. The great news is our fence is between six inches and a foot inside our property line. No adjustments needed.

Building a house in Mexico continues

the architect brings “new” plans

Next our architect showed up with a “New and improved” set of plans. That is one thing you learn fast. The architect wants to keep charging so he keeps changing and he drives both your builder and yourself nuts. So you must make up your mind. Let him hang around and cost extra money or let him go and turn it over to the builder. We are letting our architect go. Our building budget does not have a place for him.

Next. we have hired a young man to clean our property. He is married with two children and unemployed at the moment. We could hire a big machine to come in and clean the property in two days, but time is not the consideration here. We will be in Wisconsin for the first two weeks of November so he can clean it while we are gone. Oh, he is family and living with my brother-in-law at the moment, so it’s money well spent.


The other reason for cleaning it this way is because the corn and the cactus needs to be harvested first. This will not take but a couple of days because it is harvest time. I have no desire to harvest the cactus so it is nice that there is family that will handle that step for us.

Building a house in Mexico continues

Building a house in Mexico part 2 is basic background work but it must be done before we can start to dig the foundation of the house so we thought we would share it with you.

But before we leave we would like to invite you to join our family of friends and watch as we build a house here in Mexico, using limited funds. My wife and I moved to Mexico after retirement and share our adventures and challenges on this website. We also share recipes from both of our blogs. The sign up form is at the top right of this article….We look forward to seeing you among our family of friends.

bon provecho

Maria and Bill

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Another Day – Another Papaya

Here in Mexico it seems like another day – another papaya. We have maybe 10 or 12 papaya trees at the moment and they seem to produce fruit almost all year long. There are a few weeks here and there when there will be no papayas on the trees, but that is not often.


It’s a good thing that they don’t all ripen at the same time.

During those short time periods when there are no papayas, the mango’s and star fruit are in full swing and giving us more that the two of us could ever use. And there are the bananas. The yield never stops when you have a few banana trees in your back yard. We are lucky to have friends that do not have such trees so we have places to take them as they ripen.

The papayas ripen at a slower pace. You might have 10 or 12 papaya on one tree and harvest one every four or five days. Much easier to keep up with and we have a young boy that lives down the road a bit, that loves papaya so we have on outlet when there are more that we can eat.

We use them in smoothies along with peaches or bananas. I don’t drink these as often as the wife because I live a more restricted lower carb lifestyle but I do add papaya to cottage cheese along with some pecans for a dessert when my carb count allows me.

Papaya is a great source of vitamin C plus it does contain some vitamin A and some of the B vitamins as well as fiber, potassium, and magnesium. But a 4 ounce serving does contain about 10 net carbohydrates so if you are following a low carb lifestyle, be aware and plan accordingly.

We are in a lull when it comes to building the farm house because one of the key builders has been ill. We are waiting for him to get back so that we can continue. Once the building starts up again, I will update the progress as it happens.

bon provecho

Maria and Bill

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